Brand Assets for Download


PD Logo_Podast Delivery.png
PD Logo_Subtitled With Logo.png
pd overlay black.png

Black Icon

This is our standard icon and logo. We use it everywhere expect where we can't.

pd overlay orange copy.png

Orange Creamsicle Icon

This is the tastiest colour we offer up and you'll likely see it on our official images on Instagram

pd overlay blue.png

Seafoam Icon

Cool off with this logo when your podcast listening gets too hot 🔥

We're All Friends

There's no need to be a dick. 

Be Mindful

Think first, share after thinking. 

Less Is More

Let things breathe.

Give A Summary

We all fight for people's attention. 

Always Simplify More

Be clear. Be concise. Be well.

Keep It Simple

See above.